PRESS RELEASE: Siella LED – a new standard in office lighting

Trilux has added to its Siella LED range with the UGR 19. Siella UGR 19 has been specifically designed to offer provide lighting for offices where occupants are working on computer screens. Siella also offers a uniform but elegant design, suitable for all office areas, as well as excellent capital and lifetime costs.

Installation is also made easier because Siella has an extremely low, 12mm construction height so the recessed models flush-fit into almost all ceiling spaces.

The separate control unit can easily be connected to the mains cable, offering flexible positioning of the lighting. This means that installations can be undertaken even in in especially tight ceiling spaces. If required, the luminaires can be installed in plasterboard ceilings with corresponding accessories.

The specific arrangement of LEDs within the light fixture ensures homogeneous lighting without visible LED points, providing maximum visual comfort.

With high energy efficiency to 100 lm/W combined with low capital and maintenance costs, the Siella UGR 19 reduces total operating overheads significantly compared to conventional lighting solutions.

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