A fresh approach to flexible working

Covid-19 has impacted our lives in so many ways, including our working practices. More of us are now working from home or working different hours at the office as part of a staggered approach, all of which puts pressure on some companies to offer greater flexibility in order to attract and retain the best staff.


These somewhat unfamiliar working patterns mean that the traditional way of controlling a building with a simple set of on/off calendars and timers set to the assumed maximum occupancy is completely out of step with how our buildings are being used today and are likely to be used from now on. Buildings set to be fully ‘on’, that is with heating or cooling, ventilation and lights on from 7am to 7pm five days a week, regardless of occupancy levels, risk wasting copious amounts of energy.


There is another way. By utilising a people counting sensor to count people in and out of an area it is possible to manage the number of individuals in any given space. This information can be used to inform HVAC systems so they perform on demand, rather than to an assumed occupancy level, resulting in energy savings and a reduction in the amount of recirculated air being used.


In addition, the use of simple traffic lighting systems and digital signage gives staff the information they need to access offices safely, and direct staff to empty desks in serviced areas. Unused areas do not need to be fully heated, cooled, ventilated or lit.


Getting to grips with occupancy levels inside buildings has never been more important and as employees up and down the country begin to return to the office environment, companies will need to implement intelligent space planning measures to ensure the safety of occupants.


This planning starts with a people counting system that offers a strategic edge when it comes to delivering a safe and secure working environment for all.


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