PRESS RELEASE: Beckhoff Automation introduces holistic controls approach at LuxLive 2015

Building automation expert Beckhoff will be demonstrating its holistic approach to lighting and integrated building automation control.

Beckhoff offers a uniquely ‘open’ approach to controls, which means that lighting control and wider building automation need not be regarded as separate systems. Beckhoff technology can operate with DALI, KNX, EnOcean, LON, DMX and BACnet protocols – and many others – making it a truly agnostic solution.

Lighting controls can save building owners up to a third on their lighting energy costs, but harnessed to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, these controls can reduce building operation costs even further. This all-encompassing approach creates long-term energy efficiency as well as greater occupant comfort.

The British and European Standard for controls is BS EN15232. This recommends a demand-control approach for buildings, which ensures that lighting, heating and cooling operate only when required. Achieving a Class A control system under BS EN15232 demands tight integration between all disciplines, which can only be achieved with technologies that are able to communicate with all equipment, regardless of protocol.

Karl Walker, market development manager for Beckhoff Automation says: “We are focused on delivering a uniquely open approach for today’s buildings. Whether you are working on a new project, or upgrading your lighting, Beckhoff technology can help to improve building performance in the long-term.”

At LuxLive 2015, Beckhoff will be demonstrating its whole-buildingapproach, as well as showing how users can harness the power of the Internet of Things to collect, analyse and act upondata on building performance. Beckhoff is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and has experts in-house who can advise on leveriging cloud technology to improve building efficiency.

Beckhoff has worked on a number of key lighting control and building automation projects in the UK and Europe. Its technologies are highly flexible and scalable to meet the requirements of a wide range of buildings.

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