PRESS RELEASE: Diamonds are forever

New from Super Rod is the Diamond Dry, a diamond grit hole saw from ProFit which will revolutionise the way you drill through abrasive materials.

Designed to be used on surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble and granite, the Diamond Dry is the first diamond hole saw to be launched onto the market with a centre drill, making damage to expensive surfaces such as marble kitchen worktops a thing of the past.

Installers now simply pre-drill a pilot hole with the 7mm centre drill, attach the hole saw for the desired size and drill a perfect hole – no need for constant lubrication with water or risk of damage to the surface due to runaway cutting.

Diamond Dry is available in more than 17 different diameters with sizes ranging from 5-110mm. It can be used with a normal cordless hand drill and has the extra benefit that it is equipped with the unique Click and Drill system which allows the installer to quickly and easily remove the plug from the hole saw after use.

Managing Director Malcolm Duncan says: “There’s a reason why ProFit has been dubbed the world’s smartest hole saw system – because it is. Drilling through surfaces such as tiles, marble and granite using other drill bits has always been an onerous task with a high risk of damage when you attempt to break through the surface – and that’s before you have even started! The Diamond Dry solves these problems and allows the installer to drill a clean and precise hole every time.”

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