ECS releases its 2020 Annual Review

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) has released its 2020 Annual Review. ECS is the sole ID and competence card scheme for electrotechnical operatives in the UK. Recognised and endorsed by the industry, holding an ECS card proves your qualification status, main electrical occupation, identity, your health and safety awareness, as well as any additional disciplines in which you are skilled to work. The Joint Industry Board (JIB) administers the ECS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, the Scottish JIB administers the scheme.

There were positive statistics recorded in 2020, with 175,000 ECS cards registered in the UK, 30,000 card holders with Registered Electrician status and more than 350 companies registered onto ECS Check. The launch of ECS Check, the new free-to-use digital system for visibility of the workforce, was a key development, allowing clients, contractors and others to verify the ECS card status of electrotechnical workers throughout the supply chain on a project-by-project basis, all in real-time.

Remote invigilation systems have also recently launched for companies registered on the ECS Employer Portal. Market-leading artificial intelligence monitoring software is now embedded in the systems which means companies and individuals can take advantage of the ability to undertake assessments remotely for health, safety and environmental awareness, as well as the newly launched FESS and Network Infrastructure assessments.

New occupational standards for Fire, Emergency and Security Systems, Network Infrastructure and armed forces leavers were completed, and work is ongoing to embed these new standards within the industry. ECS, as a partner scheme of CSCS, has also been recognised within the wider competence debate for the built environment and will play a crucial role in providing evidence to assess the competence of installers and others. This work will be ongoing in 2021.

Andy Reakes, JIB Head of Growth, said: “There were a number of industry breakthroughs for ECS in 2020 that will have a positive impact on making the industry safer with a greater focus on competence of the workforce. ECS Check in particular has gone from strength to strength and will play a key role in major projects in 2021 and beyond. New technology platforms for Remote Invigilation, enhancements to the ECS virtual card system, and continuing professional development are just some of the issues ECS will be addressing in the next few years. Although 2020 has been a very difficult year, ECS is well positioned to grow and enhance the scheme through 2021 and beyond.”

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