PRESS RELEASE: Extend your reach with Super Rod

The ultimate time saving tool for every electrician just got better with the launch of spare rod sets from Super Rod.

Dubbed the most comprehensive cable routing kit on the market, Super Rod’s Mega Set is a firm favourite with busy electricians who find it to be invaluable at routing cables through inaccessible floor and ceiling voids. With over 16 metres of rod length, a choice of five different rod flexibilities and a range of attachments with the specially developed AXM fittings, which are mechanically crimped to allow them to carry loads of up to 250kg, it’s no surprise that it has become a firm favourite.

The versatility of the rod sets is second to none and with installers clamouring for extra length, Super Rod has launched a selection of spare rod sets to allow installers to extend their reach into places which are even harder to access. The spare rod sets are available in packs of:

5 x 6mm black Adoxim 5 1m rods

5 x 5mm red Adoxim 5 1m rods

5 x 4mm yellow Adoxim 5 1m rods

2 x 1m nylon rods

2 x 1m 175mm nylon rods

Managing Director Malcolm Duncan says: “As a company we have always listened to our customers and acted accordingly to meet their needs so when they asked for spare rod sets to add extra reach to their tool kit we responded with this latest product line.”

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