Hands up if your energy bills are too high

There are few people who are comfortable with the amount they spend on energy bills, but help is on hand from global associates who will be exhibiting on stand D2 at the Smart Buildings Show.

The need to optimise your energy architecture will be at the top of the agenda as the Company will use the Show to demonstrate why complacency in the use of a Building energy Management System (BeMS) can lead to a rise in energy bills.

Paul Wetherfield, CEO of global associates says: “Poorly controlled buildings will, on average, use 15-35% more energy than buildings which are controlled efficiently by a BeMS – but in order for your BeMS to operate efficiently you need to account for 90% of your energy consumption 24 hours a day. Having an understanding of what the energy demand is within a building is the type of information which your BeMS needs to be able to do its job properly – and if your BeMS is working properly, your building is operating efficiently.”

The Company will also showcase global spaces for the first time in the UK since it won a BCIA Technical Innovation Award earlier this year. A unique integration solution, global spaces interfaces with room booking systems, Building energy Management Systems (BeMS) and lighting systems to seamlessly allow data from the room booking system to drive HVAC controls which ultimately leads to significant energy savings

Paul Wetherfield continues: “As technology continues to evolve, buildings are getting smarter, but we still need to make use of the data which is being generated by a building to understand our energy usage in order to reduce it. global spaces has the ability to achieve this by collecting data from room booking systems and using it to optimise plant and services”

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