PRESS RELEASE: It’s a hole in one for Super Rod

If you are seeking the perfect hole then look no further than Super Rod’s ProFit range of hole saws which guarantee perfection every time.

The smarter choice for drilling holes, the ProFit hole saw system uses the unique Click and Drill mechanism to allow the installer to quickly and easily remove the plug from the hole saw to save valuable time on site. Installers now simply need to pre-drill a pilot hole, attach the hole saw for the desired size and drill a perfect hole.

The ProFit hole saw system drills five times faster than any other product on the market and as you would expect from Super Rod these products are made to last – on average ten times longer than products from other leading manufacturers.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “As far as installers are concerned time is money and therefore any products which allow time savings to be made on site are worth their weight in gold. Not only does the ProFit range reduce the time it takes to drill holes, it also ensures a quality of finish which you can be proud of making it a must have tool for every installer.”

The ProFit system includes multi purpose hole saws which are available in kits or individually and range from 16-330mm; the ProFit BiMetal Plus for drilling through metal; Diamond Dry, which is designed to be used on surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble and granite; and the HM Endura which will drill through all types of steel construction work with ease.

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