PRESS RELEASE: A plumber’s best friend

Hot on the heels of their success in the electrical market, Super Rod has extended the reach of their rod sets with the new Plumb Smart Set.

Developed specifically for the plumbing market, the rod sets contain 10 metres of rod length in a choice of four different rod flexibilities and a range of attachments with the specially developed AXM fittings, which are mechanically crimped to allow them to carry loads of up to 250kg.

The versatility of the rod sets is second to none and all of the latest innovative attachments will help any plumber carry out their day to day work with confidence. For example, by using the Pipe Grip attachment, plumbers will be able to route and retrieve plastic piping with ease in even the toughest installations.

The perfect companion for the Plumb Smart Set is the new 10-22mm Pipe Grip which simplifies the job of pulling pipe even further. The Pipe Grip simply screws into the bottom of one of the rods and the other end into 10, 15 or 22mm pipe; once it is securely fastened you simply pull or push the pipe to the desired location.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “These two new products will revolutionise the way in which plumbers work and I have no doubt that their time saving attributes will ensure that they quickly become a must have item in every plumbers tool kit.”

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