PRESS RELEASE: Awareness of IAQ continues to grow

FETA has continued to push the agenda on indoor air quality (IAQ) and general awareness surrounding this important topic is now growing at an increasing rate.

Inexorably linked to outdoor air quality, over the past two years IAQ has hit the mainstream with a number of high profile reports helping to engage the public.

Those most at risk from poor IAQ, such as the young, elderly or seriously ill, are often demographic groups that spend the longest periods of time indoors.

FETA Chief Executive Russell Beattie says: “IAQ is a broad topic and it involves a number of Government departments. Greater awareness can only be seen as a positive and FETA will continue to communicate the importance of IAQ to a wider audience.”

As a key element of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), IAQ is relevant to all FETA associations and the subject has previously been covered in a HEVAC IAQ guidance paper released in 2005. The Air Distribution Group also issued IAQ advice back in 2000 (revised in 2015) and more recently the Humidity Group published a white paper on IAQ and humidification in 2016.

Beattie adds: “FETA will continue to act as a conduit for information from regulators to manufacturers and vice versa, as well as offering support to other organisations as they work on IAQ.”

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