PRESS RELEASE: Bespoke HVAC solution from Doby Verrolec

Doby Verrolec now offers a bespoke cutting service for its DobyGrip wire rope suspension system that allows the steel wire to be cut to a pre-specified length, reducing time on any installation.

DobyGrip combines quality and versatility to provide a solution which can be used in a wide variety of applications such as schools, offices, hospitals and warehouses to suspend everything from cable tray and luminaires to heating & ventilation systems.

The bespoke cutting service builds on this versatility, allowing contractors to stipulate wire length at the specification stage leading to time savings during the installation. It is ideal for any project requiring specific lengths of steel wire rope for hanging static HVAC loads such as ductwork.

Malcolm Moss, Managing Director of Doby Verrolec, says: “We have introduced a bespoke service which allows installers to reduce long hours of intensive manual labour and achieve maximum results in minimum time scales on any project.”

Doby Verrolec’s bespoke new service not only allows the wire to be cut to length, it also enables the wire to be looped, or have a choice of end fittings applied making this a very cost effective solution for a wide variety of applications.

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