PRESS RELEASE: Doby Verrolec introduces Universal G Clamp

Doby Verrolec has introduced the Universal G Clamp to its range of HVAC accessories which provides installers with the means to carry out the rapid assembly of cross joints.

Designed to provide a better joint seal than snap or drive clips, the Universal G Clamp has a unique design which allows it to be truly universal and fit both pocketed and non-pocketed flange systems with more even horizontal pressure on the faces of the flange.

It is manufactured from hot rolled steel to BS EN 10111:1998 and features a new nose design which ensures that the joint is pulled together horizontally and parallel to the internal duct surface. This maximizes the air seal and minimises the tendency for the profiles to tilt and open up internally within the duct when the clamps are tightened. This ability to achieve a better joint seal reduces air leakage and over time will lower the overall system energy running costs.

Malcolm Moss, Managing Director of Doby Verrolec, says: “Companies around the world have been manufacturing G Clamps for many years, but few pay much attention to the actual functionality of the product. In launching our Universal G Clamp, we are confident that it will have a positive impact on overall system performance, and when used with Doby Ductseal Gasket it will ensure that the joint is closed up to the appropriate compression for minimum leakage.”

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