PRESS RELEASE: FETA A2L Working Group to run short course at 1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants

The FETA A2L Working Group is to run a course on Monday 3rdSeptember 2018 at the 1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants.

The course, ‘SC1-Practical considerations in the use of HFOs and HFO blends’, is aimed at consultants, designers, contractors, end users and anyone who is likely to use these products now or in the future. It will focus on practical aspects and what needs to be considered when approaching a project which will make use of these new refrigerants.

The workshop will feature an overview of product development, how safety standards apply to their use, and some case studies highlighting what needs to be done in order to be compliant with regulations and standards.

FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations), formed its A2L Working Group two years ago to gather and disseminate information on these new products. In particular, there is the need to understand the consequences of their low flammability characteristics, and what is required to comply with the evolving standards and regulations which apply as a result of this property.

Mike Nankivell, Chairman of FETA’s A2L Working Group, said: “FETA is committed to providing clarity on A2L refrigerants and courses like this are a useful way to measure and improve your current understanding. By communicating with other professionals and sharing examples on this course we hope attendees will leave with much more knowledge and confidence ahead of their next project.”

The course will take place on Monday 3rd September, 11.15am – 12.55pm in Lodge 3. The IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants runs from Sunday 2ndSeptember to Wednesday 5thSeptember 2018 at the Austin Court Conference Centre, Birmingham.

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