PRESS RELEASE: Flat Rat makes cable routing effortless

Super Rod has announced the launch of Flat Rat – the latest addition to their extensive range of Cable Rats.

Designed to reach places that Cable Rod’s can’t, Cable Rats offer the installer more flexibility, and in some cases better control than a long run of rods and are an essential tool for routing cable through populated areas such as conduit or trunking.

The new and improved Flat Rat provides you with everything you need to tackle those hard to route areas with absolute confidence. The 10m flat, streamlined material is coiled inside an ergonomic case with a sloped handle for a smooth spooling action while the high quality flat material allows for greater control when routing as it will not twist or snag on cables.

The Flat Rat features an AXM female fitting for greater tensile strength and ease of connectivity to other Super Rod attachments such as the Domed Bullet with eyelet, which is included, or the Super Magnet.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Routing cable through conduit and other contained areas is notoriously time consuming if you haven’t got the right tools because installers have to deal with the problems of snagged cables and obstructions. The Flat Rat, like all of Super Rod’s products is designed to make this type of installation effortless and provides an easy solution which will speed up cable routing time dramatically.”

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