PRESS RELEASE: Flexible tenant billing with SIP billing 2

Developed in response to requests for a tenant billing solution that meets the new Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations, SIP billing 2 from Synapsys Solutions builds on the company’s existing platform to provide a comprehensive new system.

One of the key new features is the ability to automatically bill tenants based on their apportioned energy calculations. Apportionment of energy costs based on demand has previously only been possible by manually processing data and producing reports.

This system joins up the dots, allowing the landlord to collect data from meter loggers around the building before using SIP billing 2 to apportion the energy usage on a tenant by tenant basis as a percentage of the total building’s consumption.

Unlike many billing systems which are subscription-based, SIP billing 2 uses a simple licence model based on the number of data points required over a fixed period of time. The system can also be configured across multiple sites with unlimited users included in the fixed cost.

This ensures that it remains cost effective, providing the landlord with an easy way to view energy usage and provide tenant bills on demand. It also provides greater visibility for tenants, allowing them to access their own dashboard in order to view and compare their energy usage on an ongoing basis.

SIP billing 2 is the perfect solution for both commercial and residential landlords as well as those responsible for University student accommodation. The fixed price structure also provides peace of mind and helps budgetary planning in the longer term.

Matt Gardner, Business Development Manager for Synapsys Solutions said: “SIP billing 2 greatly assists landlords in setting-up flexible tariffs with an easy to navigate system. Tenants also benefit from this new look solution as they now have energy usage information readily available which provides an incentive for them to take ownership of their actions, reduce energy usage and lower costs.”

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