PRESS RELEASE: GAS supports Home Fire Safety Week

Home Fire Safety Week is just around the corner and Gas Appliance Spares wants to raise awareness of the risk of accidental fires which can be caused by home appliances.

With the colder weather fast approaching, it’s that time of year when fires are being serviced in preparation for the winter months. It’s also a popular time for repairs, such as respraying the coals or replacing gas valves.

Home Fire Safety Week takes place on 02-08 October 2017. This presents an ideal opportunity to check that homes are safe, as small changes in everyday behaviour can reduce the risk of an incident occurring or escalating.

In 2016, over 200 people in the UK died from fires in the home. Some of these tragic deaths have occurred as a result of appliances which have been incorrectly installed, or where they have failed to be maintained adequately. Faulty electrics are the cause of around 6,000 fires in the home each year.

What’s more, the Fire Kills campaign confirms occupants are seven times more likely to die in a fire in the home, if there are no working smoke alarms. The largest percentage of fires in the home are started when people are cooking.

It is imperative for properties to be fitted with working smoke alarms and these must be tested at least once a month. 35 people die each year because their smoke alarm is not working. Therefore, it is advisable for smoke alarms to be fitted on every level of a property.

GAS holds a vast range of cooker and fire spare parts to ensure homes are safe and in working order for the whole family. For Home Fire Safety Week, GAS has got an offer to extinguish all others. A Honeywell XS100 fire alarm usually retails for around £18.99 but is now on offer for only £9.95 plus VAT.

Next day delivery is available, with three specific time slots for those in urgent need of a part by calling the store.

Ross Graham, GAS Appliance Spares Manager said: “We are pleased to support Home Fire Safety Week. Having regular gas safety checks and services will highlight any issues with unsafe appliances. We must also underline the importance of having fire alarms fitted in the home, as consequently, this can save lives.”

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