PRESS RELEASE: Get into action with the Telescopic Camera

Super Rod has launched the Telescopic Camera, a unique inspection camera that combines the length advantage of the Telescopic Pole, with a small and discreet camera.

The Telescopic Camera is one of the top products in the market that no installer can afford to be without when it comes to inspection of wall cavities, under floors and other confined places. This ingenious camera comes with a full-colour monitor, Super Magnet, Prong, Flat Bullet and many other outstanding features to allow access to the most discreet and remote places.

This innovative camera allows installers to inspect and record objects in 360 degrees with its uniquely designed 100mm length Gooseneck attachment. The discreet inspection camera connects wirelessly to a handheld full-colour monitor which records still images and videos via the Micro SD card up to 5.6 metres away.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “We have designed this brand new inspection camera with the installer in mind. It uses the latest technology and our Gooseneck attachment to allow installers to get a perfect close up look at the most remote places as well as obtaining a recorded video in just a few seconds. The Telescopic Camera is a ‘must have tool’ which helps installers to get a detailed inspection and quote accordingly on each project.”

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