PRESS RELEASE: LiveLink – intelligence comes to light

Intuitive, quick and reliable – LiveLink is a light management system that is simple to design, install, commission and operate.

  • Simple planning: pre-configured settings for standard uses
  • Easy commissioning: plug & play reduces programming effort
  • Simple to operate: rooms controlled via a user-friendly app
  • Precise detection: highly responsive sensors support good lighting
  • Intelligent control: constant light control for maximum energy efficiency

LiveLink makes light management an accessible technology for all applications in any sector. The system is the result of cooperation between lighting technology experts TRILUX and sensor specialists STEINEL.

The LiveLink system offers optimally matched hardware components and intelligent, intuitively-operated software tools.  LiveLink offers designers and installers preset room configurations for common applications, such as corridors, offices or classrooms. Luminaires and sensors are grouped according to the application and pre-equipped with the correct parameters.

The LiveLink commissioning app with graphic user interface guides users step-by-step through the installation process and commissioning. The intuitive programme makes use of well-known touch screen commands such as tapping, wiping and drag-and-drop. The app is available in versions for iOS or Android operating systems.

The result is that planning, setting up and operating light management is faster and easier than every before.  LiveLink also achieves savings in energy and operating overheads in excess of 50%.

Users can control the lighting with a smartphone or tablet – either with the LiveLink operating app or with a standard push-button. If several push-buttons are required, these can be simply integrated via a LiveLink DALI push-button coupler and then freely assigned with light scenes.

A flexible solution for lighting control

LiveLink is an intelligent control solution that can be applied in a wide range of buildings: offices, schools, industrial, retail or healthcare.

Highly responsive sensors from STEINEL form the basis for the LiveLink system. The sensors are so responsive that they can detect the smallest movement, such as typing on a keyboard. These sensors ensure that lighting is only switched on when required; but they do not switch off when they’re needed by occupants.

LiveLink also saves energy by responding to daylight levels, with brightness adjusting across the day to ensure that artificial light is only used to achieve the brightness levels required.

These capabilities ensure that along with custom-designed lighting solutions from TRILUX, energy saving is optimised in a cost-effective way, without compromising occupant comfort.

For lighting designers and installers, LiveLink has the benefit of being based on the DALI standard, which means that TRILUX DALI luminaires and STEINEL LiveLink sensors can be connected easily and quickly. Two STEINEL LiveLink sensors will be available at launch, with more added to the range in the coming months.

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