PRESS RELEASE: Maximise space with DobyGrip Max

Doby Verrolec has launched DobyGrip Max, a new solution which allows the suspension of ductwork and other MEP services where installation height is restricted.

In modern buildings, the plenum which facilitates the air circulation for HVAC systems is becoming smaller and as a result the space available for the suspension of services is greatly reduced. This impacts on installation methods; therefore, new innovations in wire rope suspensions systems are key.

Conventional wire rope suspension systems require the maximum angle of the cable to be no more than 60 degrees from leaving the cable lock, passing round the duct and returning it to the cable lock.

This typically means that on a 300mm (12inch) circular duct, the minimum suspension height from the top of the duct to the cable lock is also 300mm (12inch). Subsequently, the minimum height required to install the duct is at least 600mm (24 inches).

However, DobyGrip Max allows the cable lock to be positioned tight against the top of the duct, consequently reducing the minimum height required on installation by 50%.

Malcolm Moss, Managing Director of Doby Verrolec says: “DobyGrip Max is the ideal solution for the suspension of ductwork in areas where installation height is restricted, as it provides a quick, efficient and safe method of installation.

“DobyGrip Max is part of the DobyGrip wire rope suspension system which provides a fast and effective alternative for suspending fixed loads. It can cut installation time by up to 60% when compared with traditional suspension methods according to independent tests.”

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