PRESS RELEASE: New partnership supports young leaders of tomorrow

The Electrical Industries Charity is proud to announce its partnership with the Electrical Contractors’ Association’s (ECA) Power Players initiative.

Power Players is a brand-new industry-wide initiative which was created to find and promote young inspirational talent within the electrical and building controls industry.

The Charity is working in partnership alongside industry-wide organisations to provide the recognition and the most needed support for bright future stars to further their career. As part of the new partnership, the Charity will be working with leading industry organisations to provide the lucky winners with a scholarship grant entitlement to utilise on a fundraising initiative. In return, these exceptional leaders will support and mentor those in the industry struggling to complete their apprenticeships due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

The new partnership with Power Players will not only recognise the achievements of young professionals who are in the early stages of their career, but it will also provide a larger support network to those who need the support to continue with their education and become the leaders of tomorrow.

If you are a talented individual aged 39 or younger who has achieved impactful activity in your career, enter the Power Players initiative by submitting your video online by 23 June and be in with a chance to achieve industry recognition while gaining invaluable experience and skills.

Managing Director, Tessa Ogle says: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Power Players while extending our support network for future young stars who are unable to finish their studies due to difficult circumstances in their lives.”

“The new fundraising partnership will be focusing on helping bright individuals to continue with a higher education and get the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the industry.”

The Charity is continuing its support for future stars by launching the Apprenticeship Support Programme which helps young talent to follow their chosen career path.

As well as providing this support, the Charity wants to extend its assistance to those who are unable to continue with further education and development due to difficult situations in their lives.

Currently, around 30% of young talent within the industry are struggling with social issues such as single parenting, autism, dyslexia, caring for a loved one, serious illness and simply do not have the income to further their career. Therefore, the support from the Apprentice Support Programme and the new partnership with Power Players is crucial to help young talent to have a promising career within the industry.

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