PRESS RELEASE: Put safety first – every time

Doby Verrolec is warning of the dangers of incorrectly installing a wire rope suspension system and reminding installers of the need for training.

Wire rope suspension systems are an extremely safe, fast and efficient method for suspending static loads such as electrical services and HVAC equipment and products like DobyGrip are independently load tested to meet the highest standards.

However, if the installation is not carried out using the correct procedures, and the Safe Working Load (SWL) is exceeded, there is the potential for the product to fail, which can result in damage to the property and potential injury.

Malcolm Moss, Managing Director of Doby Verrolec says: “DobyGrip is independently tested to a 5:1 safety factor but it is imperative that it is installed correctly. For example the wire must enter and exit the gripper in a vertical manner. If any part of the installation is not vertical, either where it attaches to the structure, or where it exits the gripper, the SWL is reduced.

“As a company we would therefore urge contractors and installers to ensure that they are properly trained to carry out this type of installation and that they are fully aware of the correct selection and installation procedures.”

To ensure safety always comes first, Doby Verrolec has introduced a free Product Selection Service which allows customers to provide details of the installation to the Technical Support Team who will select the most suitable products and provide advice on the correct installation procedure for the application.

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