PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies expands its OpenAir range of controllers

Siemens Building Technologies is adding four variable air volume (VAV) compact controllers to its OpenAir range, along with a new robust handheld operating unit.

OpenAir offers users a comprehensive range of energy- and cost-saving damper actuators that are already used in millions of applications worldwide. These products are compact and robust, and have been designed for ease of installation and long-life.

The four new products are aimed firmly at the VAV market, and they also support all major controls communications standards including KNX, BACnet and Modbus. This means that the controllers integrate seamlessly into any application and system, including those from third-party vendors.

The bus connection eliminates the need for time-consuming point-to-point wiring in large plants, saving time and money in installation. Number and colour-coded cables and marked connection nozzles for pressure tubes make installation even easier.

The compact controllers are ideal for all variable air volumes. The quasi-static pressure measuring principle and sophisticated control algorithm ensure that the controllers work at high speed and maximum precision.

Along with the new controllers, Siemens Building Technologies is also introducing the AS20 handheld operating unit for all its VAV controllers. It has been built to withstand plant-room use and is dust- and splash-proof. The controller offers a user-friendly display and intuitive menu guidance that help to make commissioning and operation much easier.

For more information on the OpenAir range, see the website

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