PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies new generation of actuators allows for smooth installation

The new generation of actuators for short-stroke valves from Siemens Building Technologies has been designed for easy installation and robust performance. This addition to the Acvatix range is focused on the easy, fast and safe implementation of energy efficient HVAC plants.

The highly compact actuators offer a high positioning force and short running times. They are equipped with a multi-function manual adjuster and an easy-to-read operating status indicator.

What’s more, the valve/actuator combination has a push-in cage terminal and generous connection space. These features provide easy and secure installation, as well as tool-free operation and maintenance in the long-term.

In fact, operation and maintenance are very much the focus of the Acvatix valves. The multi-function adjuster is easy to access in any installation position, giving operators the ability to achieve a full stroke in just a few turns. This is particularly useful for emergency procedures.

An LED display clearly indicates operating status and a position indicator around the manual adjuster makes it easy to see from a distance how wide the valve is open. Overall, for maintenance engineers working in tight spaces in plant rooms, the Acvatix actuators make the job much easier.

Acvatix offers simplified sizing and selection. It is also possible to take a flexible approach with Acvatix. For example, the optimised product design lets installers use a 3-port valve for mixing or diverting  – making product selection much easier.  Other features such as optimised wiring make for error-free electrical connections.

What’s more, the Acvatix range will work effectively alongside older products from the Siemens range. For example a brand new Acvatix actuator will fit onto any Siemens valve produced in the last forty years.

This backwards compatibility is vital as building owners and managers look for cost-effective ways to update their building services. With Acvatix, it is possible to migrate a system gradually, rather than requiring a full upgrade in one step.

For more information on the Acvatix range, see the website

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