PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies offers a complete range of Pressure Independent Control Valves

The pressure independent control valves (PICVs) and actuators in the Siemens Acvatix range help to reduce energy consumption buildings. The PICVs, also known as combi-valves, are particularly straightforward to plan, install and commission.

The sizing of valves for hvac systems in buildings can be challenging, and requires accurate data about flow that may not necessarily be readily available, particularly in new buildings. However, the latest valve technology from Siemens means that the selection, sizing and commissioning of valves is now much easier.

Valve selection is more straightforward than for other valves as the only information necessary to size the valve is the required flow rate through it. This saves time for the specifier.

The  Acvatix combi-valve automatically shields against pressure fluctuations in the network, providing constant volumetric flow. This allows for exact control of room temperature ensuring greater occupant comfort as well as lower energy consumption.

Combi-valves are so flexible that a building can be commissioned in sections, or late changes to the design can be more easily incorporated. And if parts of a building are not in use, then it is easy to shut down that section of the hvac system – saving energy and running costs. This is particularly useful for hotels or hospitals. It also means that this type of valve is good for refurbishment projects.

An additional benefit of Acvatix combi-valves is that because their control is independent of differential pressure, they ensure more accurate temperature control. They ensure that return temperatures remain at the correct level under all operating conditions, ensuring high efficiency in the generation of heating and cooling energy, which in turn reduces heating and cooling costs for the building.

The Siemens PICV can be used on a broad range of systems, including heating, cooling and chilled water applications. They are flexible and highly precise, giving guaranteed system performance and optimised energy use. In today’s new-build and refurbishment projects, this sort of technology is making the work of consulting engineers, installers and commissioning engineers much easier.

For more information on the Acvatix range, see the website

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