PRESS RELEASE: Be a smart spark with Super Rod

The installation of downlights just got easier with the Pro Fit Downlighter Kit and ProFit Smart Sparks Kit from Super Rod.

The combination of two ProFit hole saw kits brings an innovative cutting solution to everyday problems faced by tradespeople. The ProFit Smart Sparks and Downlighter Kits provides a revolutionary way to install downlights with the fit, click and drill mechanism which allows every installer to remove the plug quickly and easily from the hole saw to save time and achieve a better quality job on each site.

The ProFit Downlighter Kit contains a centre drill and four multi-purpose hole saws which provide easier access to drill new or enlarge existing holes. The saws range in size from 64-80mm ensuring that the installation of any size of downlights can be carried out with ease. The Smart Sparks Kit includes six multi-purpose hole saws which range from 20-51mm making it the perfect companion for busy installers who want to achieve robust results.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Fitting downlights can be a very time-consuming task. The ProFit Smart Sparks and Downlighter Kits were created to make installation easier and quicker and ensure that installers can achieve a perfect result – every time. The ProFit hole saw system is the ideal tool for every installer who is looking for the best solution on the market when it comes to downlight installation.”

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