PRESS RELEASE: Stay one step ahead with the Super Cam V6R

Super Rod has launched the Super Cam V6R, a unique inspection system incorporating a small and discreet camera into the side of a metal rod.

Perfect for close up work when inspecting cable runs, under floors, wall cavities and other confined spaces, Super Cam V6R incorporates side mounted LEDs which can be dimmed via the handle for ease of use. The wireless monitor offers a 3x zoom function which allows the installer to inspect far away objects with more clarity. In addition the monitor features a record function which ensures that footage can be recorded to a Micro SD card and played back later on the colour monitor or on a larger screen via the AV connection.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “When we first launched our range of Super Cam products they were mainly used for inspecting the various route options when preparing a cable run and because of this they have become a ‘must have’ tool for every installer as a means to highlight ay problems prior to an installation.

“But their use has also significantly evolved and they are now equally in demand by estimators who are able to carry out a more comprehensive survey of the site and identify any issues before quoting for the job. The Super Cam V6R also allows this information to be shared with the installation team so that they are fully prepared before they start the job.”

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