PRESS RELEASE: Super Rod goes round the bend

Installers can now improve their flexibility with the launch of a new range of products from Super Rod which feature the Gooseneck, a programmable flexi lead whose metal construction provides a greater degree of control and strength in every application.

Designed to make routing cable around corners easier, the Gooseneck Kit contains two 230mm Goosenecks and one 370mm Gooseneck which feature the same male and female ends as the entire Super Rod product range ensuring that connectivity between cable rods and other attachments is easy.

The Inspection Mirror Kit is the perfect companion and includes a 50mm round mirror and a 50mm rectangular mirror together with a 230mm length of Gooseneck material which allow the installer to inspect unknown voids and find the most efficient route for cables.

The third new addition to the range is the Flexi Combi Kit which includes the popular Super Beam and Magnet attachments to allow the installer to direct light where it is needed while retrieving magnetic devices at the same time.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Super Rod now offers a choice of five different rod flexibilities and a range of attachments which combine to provide what is dubbed by electricians as the most comprehensive cable routing kit on the market. These new additions further enhance this extensive product range and will prove to be invaluable when routing cables through inaccessible floor and ceiling voids.”

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