PRESS RELEASE: The one tool that does it all

The Rack-A-Tier cable dispenser is the one tool that does it all, so its no surprise that hundreds of electricians wouldn’t be without it.

Handy come rain or shine, the Rack-A-Tier is waterproof and rustproof and as a result provides the perfect solution for dispensing cable from spools of various sizes. It will handle loads of up to 150kgs and comes with a host of other features such as interlocking pairs, easy set up and portability which all mean that your Rack-A-Tier need never leave your side.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Professional tradesmen demand the best from their tools and they have every right to expect the highest standards of performance. This is exactly what they can expect from the Rack-A-Tier which solves the ever present problem of handling cable drums.

“The added benefit is that this product, like others from Super Rod, will enable you to carry out an installation faster than ever before saving installers time and money but still guaranteeing a professional finish every time.”

Why would you go anywhere else? Get yourself a cable dispenser you can rely on and save yourself reels of time.

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