PRESS RELEASE: TRILUX Inplana and Onplana – leading the way in planar lighting

Trilux has taken LED planar lighting a significant step forward with its Inplana and Onplana luminaires. They feature a unique optic that emits homogeneous, planar light for the first time in the downlight sector.

 Due to their low luminance levels, the luminaires are ideal for installing in or on walls. The downlights are available in two construction sizes with various optical systems and diverse mounting methods.  These provide new levels of flexibility for attractive lighting design, while also meeting industry standards. All of this is achieved with outstanding energy efficiency.

Inplana and Onplana have achieved what until now was only possible with traditional reflector downlights. Well-designed planar light creates an appealing room atmosphere, but thanks to a high quality of light and UGR19 glare reduction they are also ideal for illuminating computer screen workstations.

The new luminaires use a specially-designed optic that combines primary reflectors with a swarm configuration and a diffuser panel with microprismatics. This generates double the luminous flux per square metre than standard wide-area luminaires. In terms of energy efficiency, the Inplana and Onplana set new standards in the downlight segment with up to 130 lm/W. Thanks to low direct glare, a version with a frosted optic can also be installed on or in walls.

Highly adaptable – the right light for any area

Lighting requirements with downlights can change accordingly to the specific applications, Inplana and Onplana feature extensive individualisation options.  They are available in two sizes, each with two different optical systems, and are glare-reduced in accordance with UGR19 or with diffuse illumination accordingly to UGR22 or UGR25.

The optical properties of the luminaires can be custom-designed to a specific framework conditions in combination with three different luminous flux levels – 1,000 lm, 2,000 lm and 3,000 lm. A purist, discreet design allows luminaires to blend harmoniously into almost any surroundings, letting the light and the architecture come to the fore.

Flexible – a flat construction with various mounting options

Small spaces pose no problem for Inplana or Onplana. With a construction height of just 36mm, the Inplana downlight with external control unit fits into very narrow intermediate ceiling spaces. The Onplana surface-mounted downlight has a height of 60 mm. A further strength of the luminaires is their diverse mounting options, with either recessed, plastered or surface-mounted installation.

The Inplana downlight version with edgeless plaster frame creates a special uniform ceiling appearance. A genuine new feature with these downlights is the easily installed recessed version with optical system overlapping the mounting ring, creating a slight illumination on the ceiling.

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