PRESS RELEASE: Innovative cable spooling from Super Rod

Super Rod has launched a brand new Cable Jack which provides the most innovative solution for cable spooling.

The Cable Jack holds up to 35kg and uses your existing 44mm Cable Rod tube, along with metal collars and legs, to form an ‘A’ frame. This frame can be used as a lightweight spooler for every small job and is also compatible with your existing 4.4cm diameter and 115cm length packaging tube for larger jobs.

The Cable Jack comes with aluminium collars, 335mm fibreglass legs and 46cm length packaging tube for easy and compact storage.

This cutting-edge pulling system is easy to use, all you have to do is slide the two metal collars onto the 44mm tube, leave them in place and then slide rolls of cable over the assembly. Then simply screw the legs into the collars and lift the rolls off the ground to allow them to turn freely.  The Cable Jack is a tool that will allow every installer to have a compact, transferrable and durable solution to every task they are faced with.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “The Cable Jack is one of our most compact and innovative pulling systems which was designed to help every electrician to save time, money and space on every job.”


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