PRESS RELEASE: Mega upgrade from Super Rod

Super Rod has made the most comprehensive cable routing kit on the market even better with the addition of free ‘Glo in the Dark’ attachments with every Mega Set.

Launched to mark the 10th year anniversary of Super Rod’s Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan, who joined Super Rod on 1st June 2006, this free upgrade ensures that every installer has the right tools – no matter what the installation involves.

The Glo in the Dark attachments included in the kit are; Domed Bullet; Mini Eye; Glow Claw; Domed Eye and Mini Hook. They are now a standard addition to the existing Mega Set, which already contains 16metres of overall rod length with five different flexibilities and 12 different attachments which combine to make it easier to route, retrieve, illuminate and grip on every job.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “To mark my 10th year anniversary at Super Rod, we are offering the installer something extra and have added Glo in the Dark attachments to the Mega Set completely free of charge. This new addition to the Mega Set was designed to give installers a tool which would add extra accessibility to the most remote and darkest places and ensure every job can be completed to the highest standards.”

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