PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies has won the KNX Product of the Year Award

The Award was made at the KNX UK annual general meeting in April 2016, after judging by an independent panel of experts. Siemens Building Technologies’ Product Manager, Andy Davis, says: “We are delighted to be recognised by KNX UK. Although the OC1702 is not a high-profile product that you may see around a building, every KNX engineer needs to use a good quality interface in their work with DXR2 technologies.”

The Siemens OC1702 interface supports connectivity to KNX and DXR and it can also supply 25mA to a KNX bus. This means that devices can be tested, installed or configured without the need for a separate KNX bus power supply.

“Our interface is also a compact size which allows for easy portability and is also USB-powered,” explains Davis.

The OC1702 allows controls engineers to commission and service devices via the KNX protocol using a Microsoft Windows PC. This includes a wide range of devices from Siemens Building Technologies include KNX room thermostats; individual room controllers; Desigo Total Room Automation and Synco controllers and room devices.

There are a number of scenarios where the OC1702 can be highly beneficial. For example, when testing and configuring a device off-site, less hardware is required and the work can be carried out quickly. It can also be very good for demonstrating products to customers, or if, for example, power goes off on-site or the KNX bus power supply is not yet online in new sites.

The KNX open protocol has proved increasingly popular with engineers and end-users alike. KNX supports the use of strategies such as total room automation, where hvac, lighting and other elements such as shading can be linked through the control system to achieve optimum occupant comfort as well as energy efficiency. This can only be done with open systems such as KNX teamed with BACnet for example, which enable the different elements of building services to communicate on a common network.

Andy Davis adds: “The benefit of products such as OC1702 USB-KNX interface is that they make the work of installation and integration easier for controls engineers on the front-line of creating smart and energy efficient buildings.”


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