PRESS RELEASE: Simplify cable routing with the Gekko Gripper

The installation and routing of cables just became easier with the Gekko Gripper from Super Rod.

The Gekko Gripper is a ‘must have’ addition to any installers toolbox.  This innovative product features unique magnetic routing which allows installers to route cable easily with its 6m long re-enforced nylon cord, a magnet, Mini Eye & Ring and a thumb grip.

The easy four-step process will make any installers daily routine much easier, less time consuming and effortless when it comes to cable installation. Simply place the magnet (with the nylon cord attached) under the floorboard; place the larger magnet on top of the floorboard then place your cable into the Mini Eye & Ring and secure it into position. The final easy step is to use the thumb grip to pull the cable through the floor void and the job is complete.

The simple but effective Gekko Gripper is the perfect solution for routing cables between plasterboard wall insulation. It is also compatible with other Super Rod attachments, such as the Super Grips making it the ideal tool for any installation.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “This Gekko Gripper was designed to make every electricians job easier and less time consuming when it comes to routing cables through floor voids. It is simple but effective and that’s why it is a tool that you cannot afford to be without.”

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