PRESS RELEASE: The ultimate 5 Piece Kit from Klein Tools

Klein Tools has released a brand new 5 Piece Kit giving installers the opportunity to own a premium range of tools which will last them a lifetime.

The 5 Piece Kit features some of the best tools from the Klein range including a High Tension Hacksaw that offers an adjustable blade tension up to 30,000 PSI for fast and precise cuts and Self Adjusting Wire Strippers/Cutters which are ideal for HVAC applications and for stripping solid, stranded and Romex wire.

The kit also includes a 25ft Steel Fish Tape which provides stability as it glides between surfaces for effective pushing and pulling of wire; Insulated High-Leverage Diagonal Pliers which cut through the toughest screws, ACR, nails and most hard wires; and a Zipped Bag which will help you to organise and protect your tools.

All of products in this heavy duty kit provide installers with the highest quality, reliable and safe tools for every job at hand.

Malcolm Duncan, Managing Director, says: “The 5 Piece Kit is an essential set of tools that every installer should have in their toolbox to be able to produce the highest quality job every time.  It contains some of our strongest and best tools which professionals in our industry can use time and time again.”

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