PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies introduces new Residential Heating Control Selection Guide

Siemens Building Technologies has introduced a new selection guide for its wide range of residential heating controls. The products include:

* Time controls

* Programmable room thermostats

* Wireless thermostats

* Cylinder, pipe and frost thermostats

* Motorised valves

* Thermostatic radiator and by-pass valves

The new publication also includes a product interchange wiring guide to aid more efficient and timely installation.

Residential heating control is vital for energy efficient homes, because in the UK this is where most of the energy is used. Recent independent testing by the University of Salford compared a conventional heating system with no controls against one using a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). The results showed a 40% saving on heating bills for the householder, and an overall 25% reduction in energy bills.

Residential controls association, BEAMA highlights the impact of heating bills on the average UK household. According to its figures, a 40% saving could be £289 per year – which would continue for many years. BEAMA’s ‘Control your home’ campaign recommends that every home should have at least a room thermostat and TRVs.

Ian Ellis, Marketing Manager for Siemens Building Technologies, says: “Heating controls from Siemens are a cost effective and easily available energy-saving tool. A properly-installed heating control system will maintain suitable temperatures in every room in the home, prevent wasted heat and make sure the boiler runs efficiently.”

One of the key advantages of heating controls is that they are straightforward to install. Householders do not have to wait until the boilers or radiators are replaced. Wireless thermostats are also now available which makes fitting even easier.

With the government looking to help UK households save money on their energy bills, heating controls make a very significant impact in this area, particularly as they can be applied in both new-build and existing homes.

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