PRESS RELEASE: Siemens Building Technologies launches Desigo CC

Siemens Building Technologies has announced the launch of the next phase of its Desigo building energy management system – Desigo CC.

Siemens Desigo CC is a significant step forward in the technology of building energy management systems (BEMS). It offers powerful, patented functions that have been designed with a focus on optimal control of buildings, along with ease of installation and use.

Desigo CC has been developed specifically to keep pace with changing technology in modern buildings. For example, it includes a native 64-bit system that easily integrates into the modern IT landscape, and virtual environment. It can work with a client’s IT infrastructure, using the latest technology and standard databases.

Ian Ellis, Marketing Manager for Siemens UK, says: “Overall, Desigo CC has improved on existing products in the market by incorporating the most open system available, BACnet, and enhancing this with a high level of IT compatibility. It is a BEMS that reflects the move of building controls technologies towards IT, and provides a solution that happily blends the two.”

Desigo CC also makes the work of installers much easier. A built-in library of high quality images (scalable vector graphics) and drag-and-drop functionality mean that it is easy to add new equipment into a BEMS. It is also possible to drop CAD drawings into the Desigo CC system. The system includes step-by-step guidance to ensure that the process of design and commissioning is less prone to errors – making time consuming re-works less likely.

Desigo CC is flexible enough to be used as a simple point of control for heating or cooling, but robust enough to provide complex, networked end-to-end control solutions. Desigo CC works equally well for small/medium buildings or campus-based facilities.

Ian Ellis adds: “Modern buildings must be highly flexible so that they can accommodate changing requirements over many years. Because Desigo CC is based on an IT-friendly system, it can be regarded as an investment that will last for years – and which can be built on as client needs change and expand.”

Rather than a BEMS which cannot easily be reconfigured to add elements of building services; or which hampers change of use, Desigo CC has been built for flexibility. Its open architecture brings unrivalled control of building equipment and systems.

Key features of Desigo CC

*  Fully compliant with BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) and BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS)

* Based on a SCADA platform, a truly open system allowing for easier integration of lighting, heating, ventilation and shading.

* Desigo client-server architecture supports desktop, Windows app and web clients ensuring that data can be accessed wherever it’s needed.

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