PRESS RELEASE: Super Rod raises the bar

Super Rod has been granted a patent for the unique design of their range of AXM fittings which form an integral part of the company’s cable routing sets.

Dubbed the most comprehensive cable routing kit on the market, Super Rod’s offering now combines the rod formula Adoxim 5, which has been specifically designed to reduce splintering and increase flexibility; with the specially developed AXM fittings, which are mechanically crimped allowing them to carry loads of up to 250kg. This combination produces a system which offers an overall tensile strength of over 250kg (2500N) – nearly double the strength of any other products on the market.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “After nearly 15 years of designing and manufacturing the Super Rod system, I am delighted that the Company has once again brought something new to the market and raised the bar for cable routing products.

“Despite the fact that we already offer a rod which has nearly double the strength of any other product on the market we have continued to push the boundaries on behalf of our customers. Installers are required to carry out ever more complex installations; pulling more and more cables, through more challenging terrains. We have therefore focussed a lot of our effort on the design of the AXM fittings to ensure that installers have the products to enable them to carry out a first class job every time.”

The AXM fitting system is used on every single attachment offered by Super Rod ensuring that installers have a range of innovative attachments for their rod sets which work first time – every time.

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