PRESS RELEASE: The New DXR range of BACNet controllers

The DXR range from Siemens Building Technologies offers robust control for a number of widely-used terminal units and uses the truly open BACnet protocol. As a result, the controllers support Total Room Automation – ensuring excellent energy efficiency as well as occupant comfort.

The Siemens DXR offers excellent engineering options and robust performance. This new range of terminal unit controllers is focused on easier, quicker and more cost effective installation, as well as better end-user experience. The DXR range is based on the BACnet communication protocol. In the UK, around 60% of terminal unit controllers use BACnet, making DXR a truly open system product range.

These features combine to enable use of the Total Room Automation (TRA) control strategy, recommended by the British and European Standard BS EN15232.

TRA is a demand-based controls strategy – with energy used only when it is required. BS EN15232 deals with the impact of building controls and building energy management systems on energy efficiency. It rates controls systems from a D (non-energy efficient) to an A (high energy performance). Demand-based control is a pre-condition for achieving class A. The Standard BS EN15232 shows that a building applying demand-based control will use around 30% less energy than one which uses only very basic control systems.

The DXR controls technology from Siemens Building Technologies is suitable for a wide range of well-known air conditioning technologies – fan coils, VAV, and fan-assisted VAV units. It has been designed with both new-build and refurbishment projects in mind.

What’s more, the DXR controllers are future-proofed because they are available with BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP – which means that they are Internet-ready and can be linked easily to Local Area Networks. This enables facilities managers, for example, to manage devices remotely via hand-held devices, for example.

The terminal unit controllers use Siemens Building Technologies’ PL link. This system allows users to connect a large number of devices such as room sensors, occupancy sensors as well as room units. The PL link enables devices to self-configure, so engineers do not have to spend time finding devices on the system – reducing installation and commissioning time.

The DXR is supplied with proven and tested control applications, which also reduces installation time and saving costs.

A number of the DXR room units incorporate the unique Siemens Green Leaf function. Green Leaf is an icon which occupants can see on the room controls. If the leaf is green, the system is operating efficiently, and if the leaf turns red, all they have to do is push the button and the system re-sets to its most energy efficient setting. Calculations based on BS EN15232 show that Green Leaf can save up to 25% of energy use.

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