FEATURE: The simple solutions are the best

By Malcolm Duncan of Super Rod


Gaining access to cables and electrics for repair and maintenance can bring with it major headaches. It will usually involve lifting and then having to repair or replace a damaged section of flooring or wall, which costs precious time and will never usually result in a first class job – you’re there as an electrician after all, not an expert joiner or plasterer.


In some instances, the floor cannot be lifted at all but regardless of what the problem is, what you need is a tool that takes away all of the hassle and guarantees a first class job every time. In the simplest of terms, what you need is a good hole cutter.


Cavity Master from Super Rod ticks that box and a little bit more because it is designed for professionals and has the unique ability to open and seal wall and floor spaces in a matter of minutes.


Keep it simple


It is often said that simple solutions are generally the best and this can definitely be said for Cavity Master because this product was conceived as a result of installers wasting precious time removing and repairing surfaces that concealed the services they needed to get at.


From that simple problem Cavity Master emerged and it is now available in a kit which includes the Cavity Master 10cm diameter saw, the arbor and drill and five solid cover plates for sealing up the hole once the job is done. It can also be supplied with five mesh cover plates which can be used if you have drilled through plaster board and the site needs to be re-plastered.


How does it work?


The success of Cavity Master relies on the Tungsten Carbide cutting teeth which give you a tough, robust blade that is guaranteed to produce a first class job every time.


Once the Cavity Master is attached to your power drill all you need do is locate and centre the tool over the target area using the drill bit. Drilling should be done slowly to begin with, ensuring that the drill is kept in an upright position as this allows the Cavity Master to make a flush contact with the surface.


That’s about as difficult as it gets because the hole created by Cavity Master is easily large enough to access the void, allowing you to install cable, carry out repairs or connect electrics as necessary. In addition, it has been designed with a patented rebate stop, so there is no danger that you might over-drill.


Perhaps one of the great things about this product is that the hole which you have drilled will have a 2mm rebate so that once your job is complete all you need to do is insert a cavity cover plate which fits flush with the surface, ensuring that the carpet or other covering will sit flat. The additional bonus to this is that should you need to gain access in the future you simply need to remove the cavity cover plate.


Working on cables which are located behind walls is one of those jobs that most installers hate because of the time which is wasted accessing the cables and ‘making good’ the wall after the fact. The addition of Cavity Master to your tool kit is therefore essential – you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

This feature was published in the May 2015 issue of Professional Electrician. If you would like to commission a similar feature please contact Tracey Rushton-Thorpe.

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