PRESS RELEASE: The ultimate attachment kit from Super Rod

The ultimate attachment kit for your cable rod sets is now available with the launch by Super Rod of the Super Bullet Kit.

The handy kit contains four attachments which include a Spike Bullet, which can be used to bore a path through insulation; a Magnetic Bullet which can be connected to a Super Magnet to save time when routing cable; a Flat Bullet which will enable connectors which are clogged up with dust and debris to be cleaned; and a Domed Bullet which will ensure that the installer is able to navigate difficult terrains with ease.

All four of the bullets are compatible with the Super Rod’s cable rod sets thanks to the AXM fitting system which is unique to Super Rod and works in conjunction with the specialised Adoxim 5 rod formula to ensure high tensile strength for the complete rod system.

Managing Director Malcolm Duncan says: “This is just another example of Super Rod working with installers to bring to market products which will make their lives easier. Our rod sets already offer the most reliable and comprehensive cable routing solution on the market but the addition of the Super Bullet Kit takes that one step further by allowing the installer to purchase a handy pack of four attachments which will be invaluable in their everyday activities.

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