PRESS RELEASE: Apprentices gain access to help and support

The Electrical Industries Charity has teamed up with JTL, the leading work-based training provider of electrical apprentices across England and Wales, and the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT), to launch the Apprentice Support Programme.

Designed to help young people deal with some of the key challenges that affect them as they work towards their apprenticeship, the Programme offers independent advice and information through the Confidential Helpline (0800 652 1618) on a wide variety of issues, such as rising debt and problems at home or work.

The Charity has also partnered with a leading provider of interactive online career management to offer career development advice, which is available as part of the Programme, through a ‘work friend’ portal.

Managing Director, Tessa Ogle says: “Apprenticeships provide a real opportunity for the bright young stars of the future but becoming an apprentice is by no means easy and the need to balance work and study can be tough. If there are added pressures in your personal life this can often be an obstacle that is difficult to overcome.

“The launch of the Apprentice Support Programme recognises our stewardship role in building resilience for the young lifeblood of our industry. By providing help when, and where it is needed most the industry is able to look after its most important asset – our people.”

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