PRESS RELEASE: Beckhoff rethinks the HMI: engineering integrated in Visual Studio

6th August 2018

Beckhoff is leading the way in the next generation of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions with TwinCAT HMI. A good HMI must be simple, and achieving this simplicity begins with the engineering process. Through the integration of TwinCAT HMI in Microsoft’s Visual Studio, the graphical What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor enables you to use simple controls from…


PRESS RELEASE: Building Control Module from IAconnects Technology shortlisted in BCIA Awards 2018

23rd March 2018

IAconnects Technology Ltd, an integration partner of Beckhoff Automation, has been shortlisted for an award at the 2018 BCIA Awards taking place in May. The company’s Building Control Module (BCM) was nominated in the ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’ category. Unlike a conventional lighting control module (LCM) which only controls lighting, the plug and play…


PRESS RELEASE: Beckhoff Automation introduces two new CIBSE CPD Accredited training modules

16th September 2016

Beckhoff Automation has introduced two CIBSE CPD Accredited training modules that focus on two important aspects of networking and controls communications protocols. Beckhoff has recently been nominated for a number of awards for its building automation technology, which is based on highly networkable and ‘open’ PC-based systems. The courses therefore focus on aspects of networking…


PRESS RELEASE: Beckhoff Automation is Finalist in the BCIA Awards 2016

26th February 2016

Beckhoff Automation is delighted to announce that it is a Finalist in the BCIA Awards 2016. Beckhoff entered its work at Gatwick Airport for the Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects category and was selected by an independent panel of judges. Karl Walker, market development manager at Beckhoff Automation, says: “We are very pleased…


PRESS RELEASE: Beckhoff Automation introduces holistic controls approach at LuxLive 2015

14th September 2015

Building automation expert Beckhoff will be demonstrating its holistic approach to lighting and integrated building automation control. Beckhoff offers a uniquely ‘open’ approach to controls, which means that lighting control and wider building automation need not be regarded as separate systems. Beckhoff technology can operate with DALI, KNX, EnOcean, LON, DMX and BACnet protocols –…


Beckhoff is a global company with a reputation for expertise in the field of automation. This includes factory and industrial automation as well as building automation and controls. Beckhoff prides itself on the quality of its technologies, which are based on the philosophy of open systems and ensuring that clients’ buildings are future-proofed to benefit clients in the long-term. Beckhoff is focused on research and development in products and processes including off-site construction.