Electrical Industries Charity: Dinosaurs and Dragons

Videos can contribute to a marketing and PR campaign because the combination of words and pictures has tremendous impact. They can be used directly on a website, or with a link to YouTube, or as part of a presentation or other event.


The Electrical Industries Charity decided to produce a short video to demonstrate the sort of work it carries out to help individuals and families in the electrical sector. The aim was to convey the challenges that families can face, and to show how the Charity can help with practical and financial assistance.


Keystone worked with the Charity to identify a good example of its work. We then liaised closely with the selected family to ensure that they were happy at all stages of the filming, which took place in and around their home. One of our team used their journalistic skills to interview the family and the Charity case worker to draw out all the information. Keystone then worked with the video team to edit and produce a final version of the video.


This short film was used at the Charity’s main annual fund-raising event to great effect. The video can be viewed here.