PRESS RELEASE: GAS Appliance Spares recommends genuine branded spare parts

GAS Appliance Spares is urging customers to buy reputable branded spare parts rather than cheap imitations to ensure they meet safety standards and legislation.

There are many points to consider when buying gas spare parts, such as quality, reliability, safety and inevitably cost. Cutting costs is often a decisive factor. Some installers and engineers may opt for the lowest priced product, overlooking the quality of the part required which best meets the needs of the job.

In the case of counterfeit products, the price may seem too hard to resist, but there are many downfalls to not buying from a reputable supplier. The same applies to buying replacement parts from a different manufacturer.

Purchasing non-genuine gas spares is a huge risk in a number of ways. Quality is not guaranteed, the part could be unreliable and even more worryingly, it could be dangerous.

For example, if you’re in need of a part for a BAXI boiler, you have several choices: buy the genuine BAXI part which was designed to fit the boiler, or buy an imitation or alternative make. A substitute part may look identical but it could have a negative impact on the work you intend to carry out.

This is because it won’t have been manufactured to the same high standard as the genuine BAXI part which was deemed fit for purpose. Poor quality materials may have been used to reduce costs which will consequently affect the design and strength of the part.

Furthermore, in the event of a system failure, or an accident, the responsibility lies with the service and repair engineer, rather than the product.

Buying branded spare parts is cost-effective as the parts will be more durable. This in turn cuts down on the unnecessary cost of buying replacement parts, as well as avoidable down-time.

With access to over 30,000 products in stock, GAS Appliance Spares holds a vast range of products from different manufacturers. Parts can be sourced on request with orders made online, via telephone or in person at the trade counter.

Ross Graham, Gas Appliance Spares Manager said: “At Gas Appliance Spares, we pride ourselves on selling genuine, branded spare parts. It’s important to us that everything is of exceptional quality and highly reliable. Furthermore, safety is paramount.

“Consumers naturally turn to brands and companies they can trust and our customers have trust in what we sell. Always look for parts which are fully compliant with all European standards and legislation.”

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