If you’re tired of using duct tape, then this year’s ‘must have’ product for every installer who needs a quick and secure method to attach cables to their rods is Super Grips from Super Rod.

Super Grips provide the most efficient way of securing cables to your rods and the range of products are designed to fit any cable diameter between 4mm & 30mm.

An innovative product, Super Grips are incredibly easy to use with a simple cable gripping action which ensures that ‘the harder you pull, the tighter it will grip’. The in-line swivel accepts any twists or turns in the cable both clockwise and anticlockwise ensuring that there are no snags in your cable and despite its incredible gripping strength it is as easy to remove the cable from the grip in one swift action.

Managing Director, Malcolm Duncan says: “Super Grips provide a professional approach to gripping cables. They are an excellent replacement for the time honoured solution of attaching cables to rods with duct tape, providing installers with a reliable, cleaner and more secure and efficient method of attaching cables to their rods.”

Super Grips are available in single and multi packs in a range of different sizes.

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